“There surely must be a more personal way…” My fiance said to me as we left our appointment with some representatives of a chain of 5-star Hotels in Halkidiki.Three and a half years ago, my husband and I found ourselves in Greece planning our wedding ourselves.

With a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree and our love and passion for arts and culture, here I was considering outsourcing our creativity to a corporation. Deep inside my bones, I knew a solution would come eventually.
You see, I grew up with a happily married mother and father who worked hard to feed 5 children and keep a roof over our heads. All the while, they were able to instill in me the value of celebrations as our foundation to living a productive and meaningful life.

As my fiance spoke, it was clear to me “I’m smart, resourceful, and creative, and I am able to accomplish what I want in life”.
After that conversation, we found a solution to help us take control of our wedding and fulfill our dream, such as
● Design a dream beach wedding in Halkidki
● Build a strong network of exceptional vendors
● Write a blog
● Build an online community of thousands of readers
● Launch and grow a business
…all the while balancing full-time jobs and raising a kid!

Months later we were suffering from exhaustion and aching all over. We were beating ourselves up for being so overly busy. We were building our life according to our values but we weren’t enjoying the freedoms of creative vision. Instead, we were busier than ever.

We were so busy when we designed our own wedding that we decided to create a service to help you design your dream destination wedding in Halkidiki so that you have time for the things that really matter. Like enjoying time with your friends and family. Like taking off in the middle of the day to enjoy a coffee with a friend. We set up Loves Young Dream Weddings for you to design the wedding of your dreams without killing yourself with busyness.

Learn from creative directors, you can’t design your dream destination wedding alone. We aren’t only coaches on hand 24/7 setting the stage for your big day right through to your departure on honeymoon. We aren’t only the best team any bride and groom can get because we are guided by your style, your wants and needs, and your budgets.

Instead, we are creative directors who embrace your wedding journey as our own and make sure you achieve your dream, not matter what.


Our couples are busy people, looking to achieve a dream wedding without impacting their already demanding schedules. Planning a wedding to perfection requires time, dedication, and expert knowledge – this is what we do.

We lift the burden and stress that comes with planning your dream dream wedding, while maintaining the highest level of discretion. Allowing our couples to relax and enjoy sharing their ideas with us , witnessing them come to life and knowing that they are in safe hands.



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